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Establishing The Destination

Our world-wide, world-wise expertise combined with local market intelligence helps you implement a customized sustainability plan that provides mile markers along the way so you know you're going down the right road.

Where do you need to be?

Getting headed in the right direction.

No two companies approach sustainability from the same direction, start in the same place, or have the same destination in mind. No matter where you are, no matter where in the world you do business, Summit Energy's GPS can guide your journey effectively. We drive value throughout a variety of organizations as we lead them through a systematic process to address sustainability issues.

Sustainability Exchange
Summit's proprietary Sustainability Exchange helps your organization develop a clear definition and understanding of its sustainability situation. This structured and systematic process helps you identify and evaluate your current business risks and opportunities in this emerging area. It systematically captures the perspectives and needs of all key stakeholders, and with Summit's experience and support, drives toward a consensus strategy that enables your organization to operate in a more sustainable manner. The Sustainability Exchange helps your organization:

  • Identify global regulatory risks on carbon / GHG emissions, water, renewable energy and other environmental topics
  • Assess the landscape of how you stack up with your competitors, customers and investors on sustainability initiatives
  • Define your organization's "green" profile
  • Share best practices across your functional groups (e.g., Operations, Environmental, Sales & Marketing)
  • Provide a foundation for a clear, documented, consensus "Sustainability Roadmap"

The GreenProfiler™ is a proprietary tool used to measure your organization's profile across five core dimensions:

  • Social - are you feeling pressure from advocacy groups?
  • Regulatory - will legislative changes have an impact?
  • Competition - are competitors' efforts outpacing yours?
  • Operations - are capital dollars available for efficiency projects?
  • Communications - is your company sending a strong, consistent signal?


The GreenProfiler™ takes the guesswork out of assessing your organization's approach to sustainability. It provides a framework for discussion and crafting your Sustainability Roadmap. The process identifies the willingness, need, and timeline for action, the risk v. reward for voluntary participation, and charts the gap between where you are and where you want to go. The GreenProfiler™ quantifies these elements in a concise format that has been endorsed by all stakeholders and senior management to drive engagement in the process.

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